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When was the last time you did something amazing?

We CREATE things that bring VALUE to brands. We make bonds with their audience just like FRIENDS and FAMILY bond. Creating something LASTING, MEMORABLE and UNBREAKABLE.

Who we are

Studio Panic is a design, technology & content marketing studio based in Nottingham.

We present strong ideas and solutions for a product or a service and your audience.

Control, perfection, processes and fitting systems will achieve greater growth and satisfaction. We achieve high quality with the passion for our work and friendship with our clients.

Critique that is smart and constructive makes us realise our full potential and improvement. It shows us paths we never would have taken if we stayed in the safe zone. That zone is boring. Our time is valuable so we take on bigger, harder demanding challenges. We have oodles of fun conquering them with our friends.

What we strive for

Continuing and durable growth for both of us

It’s a common practice today that companies plan their work and tasks. But it get’s hard for them to try new things while doing the tasks that make the business going so growth is there but it may take a lot more time.

Let’s try and picture this in a graph with a short example:


1. Graph line. This is an example of the common practice where you would put 80% of work towards 20% of value to your business. We want to try this a bit differently as we like to think bigger and further so we try and find a solution.

2. Graph line. The solution would take 20% of work but with the goal of bringing in 80% of value. The difference can be marvellous.

3. Graph line. Now imagine applying this principle to the same amount of work as in first example. Just imagine a growth like this for your business. This result is something new and exciting.

But the 3rd solution requires open thinking and discourse on a more personal level. And that’s just the first step, after that comes analysis research and idea generation,… Not an easy path at all but the result is something new and exciting with incredible long term outcome.

Making mistakes is the force for achieving greater things

Too much are we afraid to fail so we try to make less mistakes as possible. But safe paths can only take us to some point. Experimenting, trying on new things which are bolder can produce much better results.

We’re not talking about making big mistakes which would bring your downfall, but we bet it was the first thing you thought, which is normal. But exactly that thought can be a company limiter and we want to try and lift it, slowly.

Making mistakes gains new experience we don’t get with small wins, if we figure out what went wrong and understand the problem more the next time we try something new could probably be the thing that may double the business.

So yes, we think experimentation brings bigger and better results and those results are something to be proud of.

What we do

Our Services

We offer range of services as branding, visual identity and everything print and digital. But the real prosperity starts when we combine them together into something uncommon.

The world and our interaction between people has become more complex and time consuming. We hate that. We’re missing opportunities of life and fun while staring at the phones. It’s time to take on the world and help your audience. It’s time to Panic. But in a good way.

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